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TADACT is a provider of Freedom Wheels Cycles. We hold regular clinics to assess children and young adults so they can be provided with a bicycle assembled using a range of components to meet their individual physical and developmental requirements.

Assessments at TADACT cycle clinics are carried out by a registered occupational therapist or physiotherapist and result in a written clinical justification and written price quote, both of which are required so a budget for a bicycle can be added to your child’s NDIS plan under ‘assistive technology’ during the initial planning phase or during the annual plan review.

Freedom Wheels Cycles:

  • are bikes that give a new kind of independence to children aged three and up with developmental delay, low muscle tone, autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, as well as many other difficulties and disabilities, by providing expert support and stability
  • look very much like ordinary bikes, which helps to foster social inclusion, but they are more robust and can be fitted with a range of components and thus customised to suit a child’s individual needs to help them reach their exercise and therapy goals
  • help children with developmental delay or a disability to develop strength and balance as well as fine and gross motor skills through interactive play
  • provide a non weight-bearing activity
  • are available in frame sizes 12” through to 24”

The range of components that can be added to a Freedom Wheels Cycle includes:

  • sturdy stabiliser wheels available as either off-road or modular systems
  • an extra wide seat
  • pedal modifications
  • hip, thoracic, upper back and head support
  • carer-controlled rear-steer mechanism

Contact us to enrol your child in a Freedom Wheels Cycle clinic or to obtain further information regarding clinics and bicycles.

Quick Facts About The Region

TADACT is located in the suburbs of Holder and Weston Creek, the council of Canberra and the federal electorate of Canberra.