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Retirement planning

With careful preparation and planning, retirement can signify a new and rewarding chapter. It is an opportunity to realise your dreams and do what you always wanted to do. Glide Outplacement offers personal and proven transition services to help you plan for a successful and meaningful retirement.

If you plan for your retirement it is more likely you will feel positive about it.

Many people hope to continue working in some form or another post-retirement, either continuing in their existing career or choosing a new direction (also known as an 'encore' job). Although retirement age career changes often take more courage than those in our twenties and thirties, with careful planning it is possible to find a role that is both fulfilling and practical.

Sometimes we face an involuntary change late in our careers, due to redundancy or unemployment. Retirement planning can help you adjust to this transition and cope with the associated impacts.

Our coaches provide one-to-one support to help individuals achieve their post-retirement goals, including:

  • Discussing goals in the context of interests and motivators, to understand:
    • What gives you purpose and meaning.
    • What you want and what is important to you in this stage of your life
  • Exploring issues such as health, finance, relationships, loss of identity and lifestyle
  • Investigating opportunities such as voluntary work, mentoring younger people entering the industry and consultancy

Quick Facts About The Region

Glide Outplacement - Retirement Planning is located in the suburb of Brisbane City, the ward of Central in the council of Brisbane, the state electorate of Mcconnel and the federal electorate of Brisbane.