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About Us

Cereal for Coffee began in Brisbane in 2015 because we saw a need to ensure that children who attend school don’t arrive hungry having not eaten a healthy breakfast, either by their own choice or because of their home situation.  Statistics show that 1 in 5 children in Australia go to school hungry, resulting in the loss of two hours essential learning time per day through them being distracted, not participating or reducing their capacity to learn. We questioned how this is acceptable in our country and more specifically our culture?

Our aim is to change this statistic, one breakfast at a time.  There are many school chaplains across Queensland who selflessly assist and guide our children in the school environment by providing a listening ear and advice.  Many have now commenced weekly breakfasts which we support.  Whilst our first campaigns were focussed on school children, we were approached by other support groups who also run breakfast programs for the least fortunate in our communities.  In addition, at the request of other businesses that are not associated with selling coffee, we have also begun to collect UHT milk so that we can support those conducting breakfast programs with the two most expensive elements of the meal at no cost.

We are fully funded by donations and volunteer effort.

Our unique value proposition is very simple:

Swap a new box of cereal for a free coffee at a participating café