Community Media

About Us

Radio 4RPH Brisbane is a community radio station that brings the world of print to thousands of listeners in the greater Brisbane region who, for reasons of age, disability or literacy problems, cannot assimilate or read information in print. Radio 4RPH can be listened to on 1296 AM, digital radio and online via internet streaming.

It is a unique radio reading service using a wide range of printed material, including newspapers, magazines, books and journals as the basis for its programmes.

4RPH combines the immediacy of radio with the depth of information normally found only in printed material. This results in a highly effective and accessible means of closing the information gap often experienced by people who have difficulty reading print.

Access to printed material is something most of us take for granted. To be denied access is to miss out on a wide range of vital information.

Quick Facts About The Region

Radio 4RPH Brisbane (1296 AM) is located in the suburb of Spring Hill, the ward of Central in the council of Brisbane, the state electorate of Mcconnel and the federal electorate of Brisbane.