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About Us

As a social enterprise, Mind For Me is a social network helping people easily exchange help with each other. It takes the pain and cost out of childminding, pet sitting, family aged support and around the home and garden.

The team at Mind For Me is passionate about the community and improving lives for everyday people. We believe the cost of helping others is far less than the benefit received, so the more people are prepared to offer help to others, the more the happier and easier life can be for us all.

We Want You To Help Make Our World Better

How will we do this together?

  • By Helping Everyone Help Each Other
  • Promoting Spirit of Community Support
  • Giving People Incentives for Helping Each Other
  • Saving People Money on the “Easy Things”
  • Pay It Forward Coming Back Two-Fold
  • Make All Lives Easier
  • People and Families Needn’t Be Alone
  • Great Benefits with Inviting Friends
  • Welcoming All People from All Backgrounds
  • Treating All People Fairly and Equally

Some of us are lucky enough to have good fortune and great support networks close by. Not everyone has things so easy, and not only is help needed at times but just knowing there’s a community around willing to help can mean a lot to people or families that might feel alone or isolated. Mind For Me™ lets everyone access support, form new friendships and know others care.

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Childminding Help - Easily With Mind For Me

Mind For Me - What is it?

Quick Facts About The Region

Mind For Me is located in the suburb of Fortitude Valley, the ward of Central in the council of Brisbane, the state electorate of Mcconnel and the federal electorate of Brisbane.