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Hindu Mandir Association of Queensland


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About Us

No matter where Hindus are, it is a statement of fact that they would ensure there is continuity of our culture, tradition, rites and rituals. With this in view, some very talented and visionary members of our community formed Society for the Promotion of Hindu Culture in Brisbane in 1979. In those days the Hindu population was small – however, this association served the various needs of the community then. The foresightedness of this association saw the need for a firm legal footing for the Society. In the mean time Hindus from other parts of the world were also migrating to Australia. To more clearly depict the operations of the association, its name was changed to Hindu Religion and Mandir Association (HRMA) which formally adopted its first constitution in August 1984. At this stage the association was not an Incorporated body.

Quick Facts About The Region

Hindu Mandir Association of Queensland is located in the suburb of Burbank, the ward of Chandler in the council of Brisbane, the state electorate of Mansfield and the federal electorate of Bonner.