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Co.As.It. Community Services Ltd

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About Us

Co.As.It. is a charitable organization that has provided aged and community care services since 1978. It caters to the needs of CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) people and the general community. Our services are very highly regarded and our quality of care is consumer focused with an emphasis on consumer dignity and choice. Funding from Federal and State Governments enables the organisation to fulfil this important role within the community. Governance of the organisation is through a Board of Management accountable to the funding bodies for the administration of its programs. Trained staff meet the needs of the community through a variety of programs and services that are tailor-made to each individual.

Home Care Package services are tailored to assist clients on a level 1 2 3 or 4 in continuing to live at home independently. They are affordable, timely and respond to clients’ needs. Clinical, allied health and wellness and lifestyle choices are part of the services provided under a HCP. We strongly believe in maintaining great relationships between care staff and the client.

Supporting you to put your NDIS plan into action and have the choice and control to live the life you want. We provide a range of supports aimed at increasing your independence, inclusion and social participation. Our NDIS Coordinator will be able to align support services to your individual plan. 

Our Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) also known as Adopt a Nonna or Nonno Program provides friendships and companionship by matching clients who are in receipt of a home care package or living in residential care with a volunteer visitor. Visits can be one-on-one as well as group visits in a residential capacity. Volunteering under this program can be very rewarding, it gives the opportunity to make a positive difference to the client’s life or the resident’s life. The CVS is about building companionship and friendship for older people who may be socially isolated or disconnected with their community.

The Italian Language Centre is a division of Co.As.It. Community Services.  The centre promotes the teaching and learning of the Italian language through adult classes, after school programs, Italian playgroup and language classes as part of the primary and secondary schools’ curriculum. Funding has been provided by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1980 and it supports many students Statewide that learn Italian. This program has been part of Co.As.It.’s foundation and its history, it has provided the opportunity for many of our staff to learn a new language and increase awareness about cultural diversity.   Co.As.It. offers free Italian language classes to its entire staff once probation is completed. Check the ILC website for more information.

Quick Facts About The Region

Co.As.It. Community Services Ltd is located in the suburb of Albion, the ward of Hamilton in the council of Brisbane, the state electorate of Clayfield and the federal electorate of Brisbane.