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About Us

DanDaLion Friends works with schools and their student leaders to conduct inclusive events for those with diffability (looking past the disability to see the different abilities of a person). For example, cricket matches, dance nights or cooking expereinces.

We view those with diffability as educators in our community. By having mainstream students rub shoulders with diffability participants the learnings are extremely valuable.This redefines the value of those with diffability - as educators and contributors to community rather than detractors.

In addition, for many of the students our interactions are possibly the first time they have volunteered for anything and the subsequent buzz they get from giving stays witrh them forever. We call this aspect of what we do 'unlocking the make a difference gene'. We are currently running a trial program where a mainstream school has adopted a Special School, with visits weekly for around an hour at a time in term - our HOUR UP program. At the end of the program students from mainstrewam will conduct an event to invite the Special School students to. It is our vision that we will be able to systemise this process Australia wide so that all Special Schools are adopted by a mainstream school.

In this way we hpope to create generational mindset change in this sector.

Quick Facts About The Region

DANDALION FRIENDS LTD - Sinnamon Park is located in the suburb of Sinnamon Park, the ward of Jamboree in the council of Brisbane, the state electorate of Mount Ommaney and the federal electorate of Oxley.