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Well & Wise began to serve our community 13 years ago, founded by Brisbane Chiropractor Dr. Sonia O’Brien. After completing a five year degree at RMIT University in Melbourne in 1994, and receiving the Diagnostic Science Award by the Chiropractic Alumni, Dr. Sonia has since combined consulting in private practice with various Chiropractic teaching positions while living in Melbourne and now in Brisbane. She has practiced at Well & Wise Chiropractic and Massage in Brisbane for the last 17 years, held various other Associate and Locum positions previous to this, totalling up to 20 years of clinical experience in manual and gentle mechanically assisted forms of chiropractic adjustments, treatments and techniques along with a range of soft tissue techniques for a more complete patient management. Massage Therapy has been an integral part of the care patients receive at Well & Wise Chiropractic and Massage, and you may find that it will complement the Chiropractic Care you receive, helping to achieve a better longer lasting relief and outcome. After graduating from RMIT University in Melbourne in 1994, I have since worked in teaching, locum and multi-disciplinary clinical settings, gaining a wide range of experience in many other natural therapies, and working alongside other therapists in modalities such as acupuncture, massage, counselling/ psychology, podiatry, exercise physiology and naturopathy. This enables me to advise patients on how best to gain greater benefit from their Chiropractic Care, by combining my treatments with these other modalities of care, or if need be to refer to other practitioners as necessary. Over the 20 years clinical experience as a qualified Chiropractor, my joy has been working in the area of “family spinal wellness care”, and educating families to get the most out of life by maintaining a healthy and fully functioning nervous system. Of course this means we treat all age groups, from the newborn to the elderly patient, adapting our range of techniques and treatments to suit the patient’s needs and stage of life, not the other way around! More recently, due to my keen interest and involvement in fitness and with the Latin dance scene in Brisbane, I have also taken on a very special interest in treating many of the dancers, teachers, trainers and instructors I have met, from a wide range of dance genres, and fitness arenas allowing them to continue enjoying their hobby, expressing themselves in their art, in particular helping in their recovery after injury, or more so to allow them to continue to improve their performance, technique, balance, posture, strength and function and therefore enabling an overall improvement in their enjoyment and dance standard.

Quick Facts About The Region

WELL & WISE PTY LTD - Wilston is located in the suburb of Wilston, the ward of Enoggera in the council of Brisbane, the state electorate of Stafford and the federal electorate of Brisbane.