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Who is Spinal Home Help?

Spinal Home Help (SHH) volunteers provide one-to-one peer mentoring support to people with spinal cord injuries and their immediate family members. Support is provided as the client transitions from hospital through rehabilitation to living at home and reengaging with the community.

SHH provides ongoing support to identify, explore and manage issues that are impacting client’s lives. Clients are encouraged to explore their choices to pursue education, employment, travel and social activities.

SHH convenes workshops to provide an open discussion forum for clients and their families to engage with and hear the experiences of others already living with a spinal cord injury and who are active in the community.

Some of the issues that are often presented include:

  • Maximising your potential/performance
  • Relationship and marital problems
  • Balancing family and work responsibilities
  • Concerns about your children or family members
  • Changes at work or home
  • Anxiety

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Quick Facts About The Region

Spinal Home Help is located in the suburb of Moorooka, the ward of Moorooka in the council of Brisbane, the state electorate of Toohey and the federal electorate of Moreton.