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About Us

Our aim at Hapkido Hosinsul is to be true to the art of Hapkido.  Our focus is on a practical approach, specifically with self-defense skills at the core of our syllabus.  We have spent a long time developing our syllabus to cover a wide range and variety of self-defence situations.  We continuously review it and solicit feedback with regards to what our students want to study and where we can provide the most value.  Our goal is to be current and innovate – we take martial arts seriously, but also strive to provide an approachable and supportive environment where students can enjoy learning as individuals, and importantly, as part of the Hapkido Hosinsul school.  We always welcome new starters and we offer all new students and potential new students, two free classes so they can come along and try Hapkido Hosinsul.

Due to the dynamic nature of Hapkido and the use of techniques such as joint locks, our classes are best suited to students aged 16 and above.


Quick Facts About The Region

Rainworth State School is located in the suburb of Bardon, the ward of Paddington in the council of Brisbane, the state electorate of Maiwar and the federal electorate of Ryan.